Github phishing or dev site?

Is the following site part of github, it seems to pop up sometimes in search results?

seems like any domain prepended is proxied through it, hopefully, google picks up on it and removes it from search results before it pollutes search results, breaks PCI compliance etc etc

is it safe to login there? because I login on that domain and realized it later that URL was different.

It looks phishy to me. Best change your password, and check if there are any new tokens/apps on your account.

Yes I have changed the password after realising that.

One thing was strange I login there and got a mail from GitHub to authenticate via code sent in mail(part of GitHub security as I was trying to login from desktop’s Google browser).

When I login there I was not able to click on my profile option it was giving some issues.

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It’s a proxy, any site works with it:

My issue with it, is that google was showing repos in search results, before the actual github repo url

You just need to be vigilant on logging into sites through it from search results as you just don’t know how secure the server ( is, whos running and if they log traffic, they have no way to contact, acceptable use, cookie/privacy policies or terms of services

Only use
The site looks suspicious to me. You cannot trust all google search results,
E.g: imagine you’re searching vanced website, then something like this - vanced site 2021 no virus free download… Pops up, You can’t trust that site. But you can trust some
E.g: site pops up when you searchs YouTube

Site resources are missing

Yup, looks like it’s been taken down.

Yeah I think so. Maybe