Github personal access token content is not visible

I am trying to generate personal access token from my account , the token is getting generated properly but its content is not visible . I can’t copy the token content as its not showing .

What browser and OS are you using? (Have you tried others?)

The token should appear at the top of the “generate new token” page after you generate it. You can’t see it at any later point. Did it not appear there?

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Hi @saurabh-vaish ,
just saying in another way what has been mentioned above in case the reason or solution is not clear for you.

The token values are not displayed on the screen snapshot you posted in your questions, which explains why you are not seeing them there,
This page only displays the tokens associated with you account profile, scope permissions and expiry date. For an existing token shown n this page you can use Delete button if the tokens are no longer required or click on the token title and from the page displayed you can regenerate the token and/or change token scope permissions or its title.

if you follow the guided instructions and screenshots here creating-a-personal-access-token exactly,
On step 9. Click Generate token The generated token is displayed on the same page where you pressed the green Generate token button. Once you leave this page it will never be di[slayed again.

Good luck.

I also have a general problem, which may be the problem of Chrome browser (or some plug-ins). I can see the token by changing the edge browser

I don’t suppose you could try disabling chrome addons until you identify the one that’s breaking this? It’d be great to know which one it is.