GitHub Password in Repository

Can anyone tell my why my GitHub account password is being displayed in my repositorys and how to remove it? It’s sitting in the header of the MAIN branch (above the files). Not sure how it got there. Thanks

I looked at a few of your public repositories and not seeing anything resembling a password there. Could you post a screenshot? You can censor the actual password, but where you see it would be important.

In my portfolio. Maybe only I can see it??


Ah, now I can see what’s wrong there. What’s displayed there is the author name set in that commit. And looking at the history of that repository, there seem to be a lot of commits with that author name. The email address in those commits looks wrong too. :wink:

Things you should do now (in order):

  1. Change your password. :warning:
  2. Set the correct author name and email address on the computer where you made those commits (and maybe check if they’re correct on any other computer you use). See the “Your Identity” section in Git - First-Time Git Setup for how to do that.
  3. If you want to, you can go back and edit the affected commits to fix the author information. See Git - Rewriting History.

Good luck!

oh wow, I didn’t realize what was happening. Thanks for the help, I will definitely spend some time in GitHub to fix this. Thanks again!

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