Github-pages with staticman comments does not regenerate the site

I am trying to configure my personal blog site on github - with Jekyll. I have also configured the staticman for adding comments to the blog.

When I push the changes from my local machine to any file say “_layouts/post.html” the site gets rebuilt and works fine.

But when comments added using staticman in directory “_data/comments/” it does not trigger the rebuild.

After comments are added , for the changes in comments to take effect I have to push any non significant changes in _layouts/post.html. after which I can see new comments.

Can someone please help me sorting this issue with staticman/github


Its been observed that when I push the changes to the repository , Github site gets rebuilt but when same is not the case with staticman account.

E.g. I just cleared all comments I had added for testing, the deleted comments pushed by me did triggered the rebuild. but when comments added using “staticman”

commit id: f7121e1e8f044785dec5a7c77fde263c181c02c4

Above commit did not triggered the rebuild. Can someone please assist what could be the issue and how to resolve it?

Hi @spsarolkar,

Thanks for bieng part of the GitHub Community Forum. We’ve been looking into this a bit, and it seems like it might be best for you to write to private support for help. There are a number of things that could be happening that would be causing this issue, and we’ll be better able to help if we can take a look at your specific account details (which we can’t discuss in a public forum).

Please send us a message via the link above, and we’ll do all we can to help!