GitHub Pages with Route 53 DNS

I am having issues adding a custom domain to my Github repository. I added these IPs (,,, as an A (IPv4 Address) to my registered domain in Route 53, and added as an A (IPv4 Address) alias target with the registered domain bought through Amazon. Also, I have created a CNAME file in my repository with only my custom domain, with no www.

With all of this, my website does not work and I received this error message ( Domain’s DNS record could not be retrieved. For more information, see

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I was having the same issue and the solution was to update the name servers.

If you wanna try it, go to:

Route53 > Registered Domains > > Add or edit name servers

And put the NS record values you have in your Public Hosted Zone for the selected domains.

Mine worked almost immediately


This worked for me! Thank you