I’m stuck on this in github-pages-with-jekyll:

Changes requested

1 review requesting changes by reviewers with write access.

It’s stating that **github-learning-lab[bot] **requested changes, but I don’t know how to get around it.  There’s nothing to approve the changes I made.  Should I just Close pull request?

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:wave: @mkowales, it looks like you’re missing some quotes around your title. If you surround your page title in quotes, it should do the trick!

I made the change, but have the same result.

Mine is also stuck after fixing what it asked to fix.

@lalaithan and @mkowales

The text should be added to the blog post, not the config.yml file. Your blog post file should have the following contents inside of it:

title: "Welcome to my blog"
date: 2019-01-20

Hello!  I’m stuck a bit also with the github-pages-with-jekyll course.  I’m trying to finish Step 5 in this but nothing is progressing.  I have 2 PRs currently in this repository.  I’m not certain at all what to do.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @mekowalski! I’ve left a comment in one of your pull requests with some steps to try out. Let me know if those work, or if you need any more help.