GitHub Pages with Jekyll - issue with twitter id (?)

I have several issues with the lab:

  1. The lab should show us how to preview the resulting pages before merging them back to master.

  2. If one adds their twitter id with an “@” sign in front of it we get an error in config.yml (line 8), which is where I’m currently stuck:  I created a new issue and a branch to fix it.  But…

    a) I don’t know if that will solve the problem or not because I can’t preview it

    b) I can’t approve my own PR in order to merge it into master and see the results

Please advise.

:wave: @vector-flys. Previewing a deployment on a branch is a great idea but not currently a feature of GitHub Pages. Although this is not possible with just GitHub, deploying branches is a common workflow for thousands of repositories. You can explore using Now or Heroku for doing this. To preview your changes without extra deployments, one common solution is to clone the project to your machine and serve the site locally

It sounds like you’re going above and beyond what we designed the bot to do! I hope the course provided a fun introduction to the topic and sparked your interest further. You can turn off branch protections on your own repository, which will alllow you to bypass review requirements. 

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