github-pages-with-jekyll #7

The Error is the not in the file content

the error is the _config.yml file

my file content

title: “Hello Programmers”

date: 2019-02-10

title: Hello Programmers

author: Tarek Swaidane


description: > # this means to ignore newlines until “baseurl:”

Hello World How are you fine?

social links

twitter_username:  @TarekSw

github_username: @TarekSw

show_excerpts: false # set to false to remove excerpts on the homepage

theme: minima

Give me another solution if the problem was in the @tag on the twitter and github account
Please help 

@tareksw there are two files we’re working with in this PR:

  1. config.yml
  2. _posts/

In (1) config.yml, you’ll need to include the theme, and other metadata about that course.

In (2) _posts/, you’ll need to include front matter (the three dahes, a title, and a date). 

If you still need help, please post a link to your pull request and we’d be glad to help out!


Thank you for your help.

Problem solved


It’s work, Thanks!!

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I am having similar issues. I closed my pull request and tried to do it again and still can’t get it to pass.

Any ideas?