GitHub pages with a purchased domain not showing up and Unity WebGL

Hi I made a game with Unity WebGL. Built it and put the build folder to a GitHub repo. Then in GitHub pages I have it point to my purchased url that I got from channelislandhosting dot net and add the GitHub IP addresses as “A” types and add the CNAME file to GitHub and everything. (I’m basically just following this tutorial to a T: But when I type in my url, it actually redirects me to for some reason on Chrome. And when I use Edge I get this page: “404 File not found. The site configured at this address does not contain the requested file. [Read the full documentation] help.github website) for more information about using GitHub Pages .”.

This is my first website and I’m very confused here.

Hi @Sancheeto1, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Can you post a link to the repository you’re using to host your Pages site? The URL where the site is meant to be hosted would also be helpful in debugging what’s going wrong.

not sure how to delete this post, but my issue was resolved by contacting github pages support directly. thanks