github pages theme not mobile friendly, google will not index

When I test my pages site:   in google search console, it says something like “google will not index, site is not mobile friendly”.

I tested on here  and it reported these problems:

Fix the following 2 issues:

Clickable elements too close together  (this refers to TOC, I think)

Viewport not set (no idea)
Results are here: 
How can I fix this?

In addition google search console reported that sitemap.xml is not fetchable. I’m using the following yaml

theme: jekyll-theme-tactile
markdown: kramdown
  - jekyll-sitemap

It seems like github pages is not searchable via google out of the box?

In the second issue meta viewport is missing from your html file include this inside the head element

<meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1”>

and for the first I think you should try to add some padding between your links…

Thanks for your reply. I’m using the native Jekyll framework with the, i.e. I don’t build the html off-line and upload it so I don’t know how to update these elements.  The TOC is automoatically generated.

Is there a way to get the full html translation and edit it directly as static site code?

Hope this isn’t a dumb question. I am not a web developer. It took quite a bit of serching to figure out the google search console and sitemap stuff. I thought I was home free and poof, back to zero.

Even if I could add the viewport and fix the CSS for Jeykll TOC, I’d still have to figure out why google can’t read the sitemap which probably means design my own.

From searching many blogs on this, I should have started from scratch by downloading all the tools, run my own development test server, tweak the CSS and plugins, upload the resulting html.

It is easier to model the behavioral response and resulting infection rate of COVID than figure out how to use github pages, lol.

Thanks for any advice here on next steps, maybe best thing is to find a host with a simpler interface that provides a searchable framework out of the box? Any suggestions? If you check my site, its just a bunch of png plots and some simple text and a few links.