Github Pages takes homepage titles from beginning headings

Hi 🙋 Github Community,

I am Yunho Kee, your best friend! Hope you enjoy this beautiful spring :herb: .

Recently, I could successfully made my blog thanks to Github Pages learning lab.

However, it seemed not great because the homepage printed twice the default title “Welcome to my blog.” The course description has the same screen capture:

As I figured out, this happens at homepage, i.e. /, when the page content starts with a heading with number signs (#) but the page title is defined nowhere. Then the heading automatically becomes the page title, and Github Pages just shows the page title as well as the page content which may start with the original heading, or page title.

My question is where in the code Github Pages takes homepage titles from beginning headings. It may have worked like this:

Though, I could not find that kind of code in Jekyll minima theme’s repository. According to this, the latest theme itself does not seem to reproduce the same issue locally. Only <username> or Github Pages seems to have the issue as described here.

Fortunately, I could avoid the case by moving the beginning heading into the front matter and making it the explicit page title.

I feel like to report this issue in the course repository and be back. Thank you for following!

Best Regards,
Yunho Kee