Github Pages sub-sites

I have a repository at and it is published using Github Pages to I would like to add SUBSITE to my url without the .html or .htm extension. How would I do that?
Thank you in advance

instead of creating a file titled SUBSITE.html in your root folder, try creating a subfolder named SUBSITE and then put an index.html file inside it, e.g.: SUBSITE/index.html


Great answer but I would like to know i I have several subsites in one folder like:

what are you trying to accomplish?

if you want to have a single folder, SUBSITE, and three files, 1.html, 2.html, 3.html, then you can of course, but you will have to type the full URLs:

  • username github io/SUBSITE/1.html
  • username github io/SUBSITE/2.html
  • username github io/SUBSITE/3.html

if, instead, your goal is to have these three working URLs:

  • username github io/SUBSITE/1
  • username github io/SUBSITE/2
  • username github io/SUBSITE/3

then you can simply put your index.html files with yet another subfolder, each. e.g.:

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