Github pages stuck on - Update _config.yml #6 - asking for theme change to minima


I’m doing the Github Pages lesson, and like this person, I’m stuck on changing the theme to minima.

I’ve gotten myself really turned around. I even tried deleting the change request by the bot (I guess not a good idea!). This is my first day really using Github, so if there was someone who could help me out that would be great.

I now have three pull requests. I believe the initial problem was that (as I was told I could do in the instructions) I went in to make changes to the settings file. But I think then the bot created another pull request. Meanwhile, I made the theme change on the pr I had already made? I’m really lost, and, unfortunately, it seems like many others have gotten stuck on this step too.


Also, as a side question, this requirement that someone other than me must approve pull requests—is this just a thing with the lesson bot? Because it seems odd that I can’t approve my own changes.