GitHub pages site not appearing in any search engine


I’ve created a site which is hosted on GitHub pages which isn’t appearing on any search engine.

The site is

It works just by going to the URL and it has been successfully crawled and indexed by Google but it still isn’t showing.

Can anyone help? I am at the end of my rope here!

It won’t show up immediately on Google due to its sandbox feature — i.e. a test period in which Google want’s to ensure that a new website is not a search-engine trap. i.e. that as soon as it’s index it will change all its contents. We don’t know much about the details of how Google handles the whole process, but I remember when the sandbox feature first came out (a couple of decades ago) to counter the above mentioned practice (e.g. waiting for a site to be indexed for some given keywords, and then switch to different contents, often counterproductive to the keywords for which it appeared).

Before the sandbox era, you could pretty much count on your website showing up at specific dates (beginning of upcoming month) once it was crawled. Now it’s a matter of waiting, and only those at Google know how it works and how long you need to wait.

Usually, a couple of weeks should be enough for a new website to show up in search engines, a month at the most.


In any case, if you search on Google your GHPages already shows up.

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Thanks for that info @tajmone I had no idea about the sandboxing stuff!

I think it started showing up over night after about a week of waiting!

Anyway thanks for your help :grinning:

As time passes, you’ll start to show up for specific keywords too — once Google and other SEs fully index your website, and based on third party links to your site, and other criteria (of which we know little).

You’r most welcome.

If you want to see all of the pages indexed for your website, you can search site:<domain>, for your domain it would be:

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Thanks Bailey :heart::heart::+1::+1::grinning:


The site is no longer showing on Google. Do you have any idea what I could try? Or where I could look for answers?

It still shows when Googling for the domain (both and as well as via keywords searches like “NICOLA EVANS Fine Art”.

But the domain seems broken right now, even though it seems to have been indexed by Google at some point.

I’m not sure why you’re not seeing it in your searches, but it’s also true that Google results will differ based on which regional area you’re doing the search from.

I’ve just searched again and can see it showing as about the sixth result. The domain is an old site hosted by wix, the account with wix has been cancelled so I guess I need to ask them to remove that. I’ll have sometime over the weekend to dig in to what else I can do!

Thanks for your help mate, I really appreciate it!

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