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Welcome to the GitHub Pages Share! This Topic is all about your GitHub Pages. The goal of this Topic is to collaborate together and provide one place to share your GitHub Pages projects.

Are you looking for feedback on your GitHub Pages site? Or have you created something with GitHub Pages that you think would be valuable to the rest of the Community Forum? Get involved in some peer review*, and share your GitHub Pages creations (along with a link to the issues or repo in which you’d like to receive feedback) in a reply to this Topic.

To help us keep this a productive thread, here are some guidelines we’d like everyone to follow:

  • It’s not mandatory, but if you’re asking for feedback here, we encourage you to reply to at least one other user’s request for feedback. This helps make this post valuable for everyone, and helps us all keep learning from and supporting one another. Make sure you’re leaving feedback in the appropriate place; if someone leaves a link to a specific issue or repo to collect feedback, use that instead of posting your feedback here.

  • Many community members will share their GitHub Pages here, and that’s great! It can also mean the reply thread may get a little long. Opening separate, duplicate Topics with links to your GitHub Pages site is not allowed. Please don’t post your GitHub Pages links as stand-alone Topics in the Community Forum. Instead, share them in a reply here.

  • If you want the best quality feedback, we recommend being specific about what kind of feedback you’re looking for when you comment. You’re more likely to end up with feedback that actually helps you get done what it is you want to get done, and it’s also very likely you’ll get more engagement on your comment.

  • Similar to the above, it’s best practice to always include a good explanation or summary with the link to your GitHub Pages site, as well as a link to the issues or repo in which you’d like people to leave their feedback or questions for you about your site. Just dropping a link without any context is generally bad form (it’s actually against our Code of Conduct), and you won’t get very good engagement without context anyway. An example of a good GitHub Pages Share post is something like:

    I’m looking for help with the color scheme of my Pages site:
    I’ve opened an issue for discussion here:[

    ]( in advance for your help!

  • Be constructive in your feedback. In general, you should be engaging with others respectfully and professionally. This is true for the entire Forum, as well as the Pages Weekly Share.

  • If you haven’t read our Code of Conduct for a while, now’s a good time for a refresher.

*Note: This Topic is for asking questions and sharing GitHub Pages with your peers. Though the entire Community Forum is moderated and maintained by GitHub, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a reply or feedback on your post from a GitHub staff member.


So I made a thing a while ago…

It is a hack that lets you read other people’s diary entries. Have a look here…

Okay okay… It’s not real. It’s a story that I wrote. I just like to present it in a way that makes the reader feel naughty, like they are looking into another person’s intimate thoughts.

Be warned, this is when I was first learning JS (lol, not that I am much better now). But keep in mind that it is not pretty haha. But yeah, here is the source…

Feedback and pull requests on the writing are welcome.