GitHub Pages redirecting all my .md pages to folders now

Hi folks,

UPDATE 16th May 2019 20:24:

GitHub has confirmed there was an issue and are now deploying a fix:

I notice that pages that were previously working such as:

Are now for some reason now redirecting to

Which results in a 404. Oh dear!

Did GitHub pages recently change their Hostfile config or something?

Any ideas?




It appears it’s affecting many GitHub users:


  • Call /pagename.html directly

  • Or try putting in your page header:

    permalink: /pagename/

Knew it was only a matter of time before Microsoft screwed up :wink:

UPDATE 16th May 2019 20:16

OK, the redirect problem seems to have stopped.

Tested across Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Will keep an eye out for an official GitHub response.