Github pages React app Deploy but data is missing


It is my first time posting a question here, I have had a look around and maybe I just do not know how to word the question to find the answer but this is what has happend so far. 

I deployed a react app which was working fine in http://localhost:3000/ but when I deployed my app to I found that it deploeyd as expected however the body of the app is missing I just appear to have a background color and my head. 

The errors I can see are:


Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Request failed


Two fetch requests returning 404. 

What I believe is happening is the app is looking for a data.json file which is not in the respository after uploading the app. The file should be inside “src/data/data.json” 

Should I upload the files in that format right into the repo or do I have to call my data from an API seprate to my app or did I deploy the app wrong?

This is the website I followed to create and deploy the app. 

Kind regards,


Hey did you manage to figure this out as Im having the same problem?


Ah yes I did end up getting it to work but I don’t remember to much about this project now. What I did to fix it was swap away from GitHub pages because it was static and moved to fire base to host their website which solved a lot of problems.