Github Pages published by master/docs stopped working last night

After last night, my github pages website that is published with the master/docs/ directory stopped working. When I check the site url at  /docs/index.html, /docs/main.js, etc, all my files are there. This is strange because it should be reading directly from the docs directory. I know github pages had an outage last night but it seems that this problem was not resolved for me after they brought it back up. 

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Please reach out to private support at where they can take a look at how your repository is configured to determine what might be going wrong.

I have 2 files index.html and bundle.js in the docs folder. But after deploying with master branch with docs folder, I do see JS file is not loading but giving 404 in the console. My site is [](https://aruprak .

I just took a look at your site and it appears that everything is working now. Is this correct?