Github pages published but err_connection_timed_out

I have uploaded my first practice static website with 1 html, 2 htms , 3js ,3css and an image folder.
My proxy and connections are fine. I tried putting 2 htm files in a separate folder also. I also tried waiting a day for the website to load. Tried using my mobile data to load the page too.
But its the same err connection timed out.
Please help me solve this issue. thank you Github and all others in advance.

link to my public repo.

Hey there @zaykha! Thanks for trying out GitHub Pages. I’m not sure about the “connection timed out” part. The site works for me, but is published at the URL shown in the build result here: Set theme jekyll-theme-slate · zaykha/HappyNest@92ccd90 · GitHub

Keep in mind that cannot be used here on your user account. The happynest1 part of that domain maps to a user/organization on GitHub, which doesn’t exist. Your Pages site is at You can read about how URLs map to pages on this page:

If you’d like to setup a custom URL instead of one that includes your username, look into setting up a custom domain:

Hope that helps!

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I experience many issues with a few Github services since 1 hour, maybe you’ve the same…

thank you sir. I found that my ISP has block almost all website coz its in Myanmar, so i used VPN and its showing. but now new issue is that images are not shown, may be fail to retrieve images from ‘images’ files.
do i have to upload all images without folder and change directories in all my htmls and htms files? or any other solution.
currently " background: url(/images/promo1dec.jpg) no-repeat center;" in my css file.
thanks for your help again sir.

Since you’re using a project page, you’ll want to include the name of the repo in the path name. For example:

background: url('/happynest/images/promo1dec.jpg')

You can see your image loads at