GitHub Pages protected/private


Anyone heard something new about being able to protect Github Pages (make it private)?

We have been promised this in the roadmap for 2020 Q4 and the time is running out… :grimacing:

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It does look a bit delayed, but it’s definitely still roadmapped! I expect there’ll be more news early in the new year for our Enterprise subscribers.

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We had to push this to January and have high confidence that we can release this in January. If you have a cloud enterprise plan and are interested in testing it out, I can give you an early access to it.


@ahdbilal That sounds great. It’s important for us that our Pages isn’t public, but we can try to hide it a couple of more weeks until it’s possible to protect with login.

We are planning to upgrade our organization to Enterprise and we’d love to get early access to this particular feature.

In which way will Pages be protected? With GitHub login credentials?

BR, Daniel

Ping @ahdbilal

Hope to hear from you soon :arrow_up: :smiley:

Happy to test Pages private access, @ahdbilal. We’re using SAML SSO to access GH Cloud Enterprise.

@ahdbilal , we’d like to test it!

@ahdbilal Yes, This feature is exactly what we are looking for at the moment and we’d be more than happy to test it out. We have a cloud enterprise plan. Can you give us an early access?

No news in here? :thinking: Looking forward to try this out!