GitHub Pages not using correct domain name


I’ve created a new repo with the goal of hosting it via GitHub pages. I realized I had an old domain in my User Settings that I no longer own, so I changed it and verified a new domain name that I own.

When I go to the Pages section on the repo settings and select the branch and root directory to serve from (aka. enabling Pages on my repo), it says at the top, “Your site is published at”… doesn’t make any sense… it is somehow remembering this old domain name that is no longer associated with my account.

I have waited several days to see if it was a cache, but the issue remains. I’ve also tried to delete the repo and create a new one - no difference. There is an option to use a “Custom domain” directly in the repo’s Pages settings, but I do not want the repo to be served at the root of the domain (ie. “new-domain .com/”), I want it to be hosted at “” instead. When I try the custom domain, that is what happens.

Any ideas?

Hello and welcome here!

You have a user Pages site (kyler-swanson/ that is setup with a custom domain (e.g. All your other Pages site will route on this domain (under<repo name>) unless you add a dedicated custom domain to them.

Let me know if that helps,

Oh, interesting. So technically, if I delete or disable pages on the kyler-swanson/ repo, other repos should use the domain listed in my user settings?

Each Pages repository can have its own custom domain. This can be setup via the settings page for instance:

What’s in user settings is actually your list of verified domains. This is slightly different. These domains are not associated to your Pages sites automatically (you have to do that yourself in the repo settings). A verified domain proves your ownership and protect you against domain takeover (only you, the domain owner will be able to associate a Pages site with that domain, even if you leave dangling DNS records on your DNS zone). You can learn more about that here: Verifying your custom domain for GitHub Pages - GitHub Docs.