GitHub pages not published to /repo

I deployed my React app via the terminal using gh-pages, set my homepage in my package.json, and see that in settings of my repo it says it was published to “Social Patriot”.

When I go to that site, it isn’t the homepage, it’s some random page that only has the NavBar. When I click the home button (which is where it should start), it goes to “

I want the /socialpatriot-client to be base URL and not just my base github pages io

What have I done wrong?

Update: if you go to the base URL without clicking the home button from the /socialpatriot-client site, you will get a 404. But if you to go base + /socialpatriot-client you can click the home and it redirects to the base. Very weird.

Hi @gmacerola, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Can you post a link to the repository you’re using to host your site so I can take a look at the configuration?