GitHub Pages Not Deploying

I pushed some changes to my site around 2 hours ago. The changes have appeared in my repo but have not appeared on the actual website.

As a test, I’ve since tried adding a sentence to the very bottom of the about page of another website I have hosted on GitHub pages and again the change appears in my repo but does not appear on the website.

I’ve tried CTRL+SHIFT+R to refresh, incognito mode, different browsers and different machines but no joy.

Both sites are being built from the master-branch (and always have been) and in fact neither has any other branches so I know it is not that.

Any other ideas what could be wrong?

I seem to be having a similar issue. It throws a 404 error when accessing

My github experience is limited, but it was working a few hours ago. However, whatever I’m trying to do now does not seem to affect the outcome.

Few things I have tried:

  • Added a blank space to index.html
  • changed the name of the repo
  • waited for an hour
  • Redeployed

Also, the environment page does not show a recent deployment. I would expect, if I publish a page, then there would be a recent deployment.

Same here. I found no page build in activity log under environment. It seems like a server issue, cause the Github Page has a degraded performance now. Current server status at .

A temp workaround:  disable the Github Page and then enable it again in repo setting. The page should be forced to rebuild. 

update: don’t try disable the Github Page since the new build could last forever. And your page will report 404 during this time!


I am having the same issue.

Reached out to support but have not heard back.

Looks like a server issue.

Thanks, I’ve just seen the ‘degraded performance’ message on the Status page. It didn’t show anything earlier when I checked but agree this is probably the cause.

Now that the servers have recovered, I checked to see if my github pages site was built. It wasn’t so I had to make a very small change within the guthub source editor and committed straight to master. This restarted the build and now my site has been updated.


please can you help me my site isnt publishing. I’m getting a 404 not found error. please help… Thanks

Making a small change and committing to master did the trick for me as well. Thanks for sharing your solution!

Having the same issue right now, even though others have reported it working two hours ago.

I’m also having the same issue. Disabling and re-enabling github pages in the repository settings doesn’t seem to have any effect. Forcing a change of git SHA at head, e.g. by changing the commit log, may have done the trick, although there was a delay, so I’m wondering if there was an outage of some sort (although the github status page is showing status Normal for Github Pages). I pushed a change to the web page text a few minutes ago and again no deployment has spun up. Could it be that this is a busy time and that there is a long queue?

Same issue here. I pushed some changes 10hrs ago and worked fine. However, Github pages has not been deploying for the past 30mins.

Same here. Yesterday it was updating fine, today it stopped. Tried incognito mode, refreshed caches, changed publishing branch and changed back etc, nothing works.