Github Pages not deploying remote theme

I am trying to use remote theme on Github Pages for the first time. Although the theme works fine on the local server, it is not being deployed on the Github Pages server. I can open the page but the theme is not being loaded correctly.

I already tried the modifications to _config.yml mentioned here, here.

Here’s the link to my repo. Any help will be much appreciated.

:wave: Welcome!

I’ve had a look and the theme you’re referencing doesn’t seem to exist. Where are you getting the username/repository reference from?

In your config file, you have

 # Build settings
 remote_theme: thelehhman/texture

So, I think you meant to indicate:

remote_theme: samarsault/texture

But this doesn’t solve the problem still.

I used remote_theme: thelehhman/texture since it is mentioned on the same page.

From the readme:

For public GitHub, remote themes must be in the form of OWNER/REPOSITORY , and must represent a public GitHub-hosted Jekyll theme.

So I checked and your config file at the time said:

 # Build settings
  remote_theme: thelehhman/texture

but that username/repository combination doesn’t exist.

It looks like you’ve changed it to

 remote_theme: samarsault/texture

and your Pages site certainly looks themed now.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Yeah, the problem was the incorrect info on the README of the repo, got it confirmed from the authors of the theme.

Additionally, I also replaced baseurl: ''```` to baseurl:``` for this to work.

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