github pages new page downloads something issue

This has been happening for me for a while now, everytime I create a new page, and I try to enter it, it keeps downloading something, and I can’t enter the page, please help, thanks!

Hi @elflanded.

Thanks for being here! Would you mind sharing your repo? That’ll be helpful in trying to figure out what’s going on.

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Hey there!

My file is here:

whenever I try to access the page, it always downloads the text that I put.

the link is,


Loads OK for me although the web page doesn’t have the formatting of the .md file.

[Some of your tags are messed up, and “view source” looks like:

<p1> Currently, that is all we are hiring. &lt;/p&gt;

According to the Chrome tools, the only downloads I see are:

  1. the CSS file

  2. three fonts

Perhaps try a built-in font rather than downloading?