Github pages - moving from one account to another


I have been hosting my website from an account (say “account1”) with repo (say “”). The website was hosted on a custom domain (say “”).
Now I moved copied my repo1 to a new account (say “account2”) with a new name (say I now want to host my website from account2 and I followed all the steps as mentioned in the documentation as follows:

  1. Added for “” in the DNS.
  2. Added a CNAME file in with “
  3. deleted CNAME file from “
  4. verified domain “” in account2.
  5. deleted domain “” from account1.

Even with the above steps, was not working and throwing a 404 error from Github pages.
Also, on pages in settings for “”, when I try to add the domain “”, it’s throwing an error saying the domain needs to be verified. But as you can see in step 4, the domain was already verified.

Would really appreciate any help with the above as we are having trouble hosting our website from the new account.

Thanks and Regards.

how long is it when you unlink the domain from account1 ?