GitHub Pages modifies my site's code

Hey there. I have a site with a navbar in Bootstrap. In this navbar I have a dropdown. The problem ? GitHub Pages adds a

style="display: block;"

but there isn’t that in my site’s code. Here’s an example :

(This image is when I loaded the page, I didn’t click anywhere)

Now let’s see Firefox’s HTML inspector :

 Do you see the “style=“display: block;”” ? This isn’t in my initial code.

Now let me show you my code in VSCode :

The problem comes from GitHub Pages. I don’t know why this attribute is added in my <div> tag…

P.S : there isn’t CSS or JS who modifies the <div> tag…

See by yourself the problem by checking my repo and my page :

Thank you very very much for your help !

Hi @discodefr,

Thanks for being here! Is the issue that your dropdowns are open when the page loads? if so, I believe the problem here is in this script:

function bodyLoad() {
		$("div").slice(0, 3).show();

I hope this helps!