Github pages load slowly only on one IP

No idea whats up there.

I am often getting slowdowns when accessing Github from my home IP. The pages will not load, or will load in like a minute and CSS styles will be missing.

This affects all the html pages, including login screen, project code browsing, and project wikis. I have over 5 meg images on my wikis, and those load fine and fast. Only html pages are slow.

It happens only on my home IP. When I either use VPN or cellular network, there is no issue.

The issue comes and goes randomly. But recently it is getting worse - it’s more often when I run into the issue than all is fine. And when the issue goes away, all suddenly is completely fine, everything loads instantly. It just happened right now as I’m writing this.

There are no such issues with any other page.

I am baffled by that. Either my ISP has some kind of filtering or Github is treating my IP range differently.

I think I found the culprit. In browser request log, I found: NS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_HOST

So I switched from DNS servers provided by my ISP to different ones, and now everything loads properly.
Looks like it was an issue with DNS servers of my ISP (which is Vectra, btw).

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