GitHub Pages Lab seems stuck on "Your repository is being set up..."

Hi All,

I’m trying to take the GitHub pages course. I installed the GitHub Lab app to a repo and managed to:

But it’s been stuck here for a long time, even after refreshing the page. It’s not clear what I should do now. Any ideas?



Hi @wccarleton! I’m sorry that’s happening - if it hasn’t been resolved, I would recommend leaving the course and trying to re-register. If that doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of it. 

Ultimately, I had to install the GitHub Labs app on all of my repos and then enter the course allowing the course setup process create the repo. There’s a problem in that, though. It seems that one can’t install the app on a single repo and then join a course on that repo. Maybe there was another problem with the way I set things up, but perhaps someone on your end should look into that to see whether it’s possible to restrict the app to a single repo instead of installing it everywhere.


@wccarleton thank you for your comments! This is actually a feature of GitHub apps and isn’t exclusive to Learning Lab. You must have the app installed on at least one repository on your account before we can create a new course for you. Most people who are concerned about using the “all” installation option typically install GitHub apps on a simple repository they have created on their account for just this purpose or they fork a repository and install it there. Would one of these two options work for you?

I experienced the same issue (had installed Learning Labs only on the newly-created github-pages-with-jekyll repo). I was only able to resolve by deleting that repository and restarting but allowing Learning Labs on all repositories.

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Yea, to be clear this was the same for me. I don’t have time right now to file a proper ticket, unfortunately, but if someone at GiHub wants to look into the problem, or anyone else is having the same issue and wants to compare notes, here’re some extra details about my case:

OS: Mac OS X Mojave, 10.14.5

Browser: Firefox Quantum (68)

I tried following the instructions at:

But, when it came to the part of the startup wizard where the Learning Labs App needed to be installed, I tried installing it only to the github-pages-with-jekyll repo and ran into the problem I posted at the start of this thread. The only solution seemed to be intalling Learning Labs on all repos so that when the github-pages-with-jekyll repo was created during the course setup the app was installed there by default.

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Thank you for the additional info, @heidimg  & @wccarleton. If I’m understanding correctly, this is only happening after you’ve selectively chosen to install Learning Lab on one repository, and then you register for another course. I’ve passed this information along to the engineering team for Learning Lab. Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding, or if there’s any other information that I could share with the team. Thank you for your patience, and for helping to make Learning Lab better!

Yes, that’s right. For each course, I was choosing to install Learning Lab just in the new repository that was created for that specific course. Doing it that way worked fine until I got to the Pages course.

Thank you for letting us know that the Pages course was specifically causing problems, while other courses were fine, @heidimg. I’ve passed that information along to our engineering team.

Our engineering team has also let us know they’ve worked on two pull requests to improve this bug, though it may not be fixed for 100% of scenarios.  If you or anyone else continue to encounter this bug, please let us know and we will be able to use those details to work on a fix. :) 

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