Github pages issues with submodules

Hello all

We have an enterprise verion here.

I have a repository with few submodules added to it.

  • All the Submodules repository are public

  • Looking into .gitmodules  I see all links using https://

     Something like this:

        [submodule “SuModule-Name”]

            path = SubModule-Name

            url =

And I still getting the error:

 Your site is having problems building: The submodule registered for ./SubModule-Name could not be cloned. Make sure it’s using https:// and that it’s a public repo. For more information, see

Any suggestion?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions for this because I’ve never used submodules for GitHub Pages. I’ll see if the Enterprise support folks have any ideas, but you may want to contact Enterprise private support at in the meantime.