Github Pages issue with index.html

Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for my very bad english,

So I have an issue with Github Pages, I want to put a project in an URL (

But I have the when I go on the link,

I think it’s because I don’t have index.html at the root of the repository (

The index.html is inside the folder “src”,

What can I do to see the project when I go on the github io URL please ?

Move the index.html from src/index.html to the root ? So I’ll have to edit the index.html ?

Thank you guys,

I see you’ve changed the src directory to a docs directory. Did you change the settings on your repository to build from the docs directory?

You want to follow the instructions here:


Indeed I edited my “src” folder to “docs”, and I also edited in the settings,

But I get the same result,

And I read your link, I didn’t understand the CNAME part…

I don’t know what to do, maybe I’ll have to delete all the folders and put everything in the root ?..