Github Pages is not working on ANY of my repos

So, I use GitHub pages for my Jekyll website. But I also like the feature where you can have multiple repos on the same url. Example:

repo-name:, url:
repo-name: project, url:

So I go to edit one of my non-main repos and all I get is
Your site is having problems building: Unable to build page. Please try again later.
So I try to edit one of my other repos and the it’s the same responce.
I cleared my browser cache and now there is no css!

Please help!

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Oh, Just realised that github is in status red

EDIT: But it’s only for github actions, so it wouldn’t apply to this

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have the same issue feels bad man been trying to create a pages website for 2hrs now


It’s not your fault!
GitHub Actions is currently broken.


Hi @isaboo sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having here.
Could you please post a link to the Pages repository?