GitHub Pages HTML Index Guide Generator


Need an index.html file generator to generate guide files so your viewers can easily follow paths in a repository under your GitHub pages? Look no further:

This Java program simply generates basic index.html files for each directory on a GitHub pages repository. This way, you could, for example, keep your custom GitHub pages URL and the project pages under it to provide raw versions of each file without needing an exact link.

It’s really basic but useful for those who just want to upload their repositories to their GitHub pages and have a simple directory and file list at each link instead of a 404.

Source code can be viewed here:

Hi @blockhead7360

Thanks for sharing your tool with us! Do you have the sourcecode available to view in a public repository? If you do, feel free to post a link to that repository as that will probably help people trust your tool more. If nothing else, I’m sure that people will be interested in seeing how it works too.


Good to know! I added the repository to the post above.

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