GitHub Pages failing to build

Any changes to GitHub Pages in the last week?

I add a new blog post to my site once per week. The site builds locally and looks fine. Today the GitHub Pages build started failing:

"The page build failed for the master branch with the following error:

Page build failed."

No more details on the commit actions.

Making a pull-request for changes does not provide any more information on the Checks tab of the PR (as suggested by

Reverting the repository to last week’s commit and the site still does not build.

Thank you for your time.

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Adding gem 'github-pages' to my projects Gemfile under group :jekyll_plugins do gives me a new error when I build locally:

Liquid Exception: undefined method `encode' for #<Jekyll::GitHubMetadata::Value:0x000000000822cc90> in /_layouts/default.html

No line number so I’ll be binary-deleting to find it…

I think this is a dark alley and a grue lives here

    {% feed_meta %}

is the offender…

    {% feed_meta %}

apparently generates sitemap.xml

My Gemfile is now just

gem "github-pages", "~> 208", group: :jekyll_plugins

and I’ve removed the {% feed_meta %} from my _layouts/default.html and the sitemap.xml is still generated. Looks legit.
I’m also running bundle exec jekyll serve from MinGW32 rather than Windows.

Thanks @HaikuJock. This was kicking my rear. LOL I changed a placeholder link to a real link and couldn’t get it to build. Spent a day mucking with dependencies and was about to delete my repo. LOL

Have a :beer: on me, my friend.

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