GitHub Pages failed to build - Page build failed

A few days ago, I have commited a change that would add a new file called that would refine the original version of the file. I have written a brief instruction, one picture, a few status banners, installation and build instructions, used libraries, and license. I have revised the document, and saw nothing wrong there. I have commited the change.

The problem is that from that commit on, I keep getting e-mails about GitHub Pages that says that it has failed building a page. I went to the deployment information, and saw that it has failed with the following:

GitHub Pages has failed to build a page
Page build failed

A few commits later, I have replaced the old with the new version of by removing the old version and renaming the new version to This however didn’t solve the problem.

Furthermore, when I looked at the article that talks about Jekyll page build failure, it showed me these four conditions for generic error:

  • You’re using unsupported plugins.
  • Your repository has exceeded our repository size limits.
  • You changed the source setting in your _config.yml file. GitHub Pages overrides this setting during the build process.
  • A filename in your publishing source contains a colon (:) which is not supported.

However, this GitHub Pages deployment is for my project. I don’t use any plugins; just a project page with the Hacker theme. My repo didn’t exceed the site limits; it just uses 250+ MB when doing a git clone for my repo. _config.yml file provided does not even have a source setting. There is no file that has a colon in it.

Is there any fix for this generic error?

I came across a similar problem.

It’s really weired. I even git reset the HEAD to an original normal one. It still not works.