Github Pages doesn't see files in folder

I just want to deploy my web project on github pages.

Its going well, but in the gh-pages branch includes folder assets with uk.json

and I get an error that this file cannot be found, because the link is not correct.


I think it should be like

In index.html i paste 

<base href="">

Also when i do ng build

- ng build --prod --base-href

My main URL Is :

I experimented a similar issue but achieved to solve. Perhaps your issue is the same:

  1. Checked my angular.json, I found:

“assets”: [

  1. Checked the path used to retrieve the JSON/icon/… files in the failing element. They used relative paths (like …/…/assets/data/etc.json).

  2. Changed the path, starting with asset (e.g. assets/data/etc.json). It fixed the issue once the change was deployed).