GitHub Pages doesnt publish anymore

I used github pages for my jekyll website for a while and it always worked well. Today I noticed that it stopped publishing anything and I dont know why (you can see the screen of the page below). Im no expert and you can see my english is quite bad. I don’t know what i can do. Can you help me?

you have several build failures,

if you are using an external service that might depend on submodules, that can be the problem,

I’m not yet checking all the details of your site,

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I’m so ignorant that I didn’t even know about the page you showed me. I looked the details of one of the deployment errors and it seems the problem is that it cannot find the theme (just-the-docs Home | Just the Docs), but I didnt change any configuration and in the past it always worked. Locally on my PC continue to work normally. I dont understand what i have to do.

I read there were some changes to Pages recently to make them work through Actions (which gives you access to those logs, so that’s actually new). The documentation says you can use one of a predefined set of themes, or one hosted on GitHub (step 5): Adding a theme to your GitHub Pages site using Jekyll - GitHub Docs

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It worked!!!
In my _config.yml file i had to change “theme: just-the-docs” to “remote_theme: pmarsceill/just-the-docs” as suggested in the page you linked me.
Thank you very much!

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