GitHub pages doesn't load images


I’m new to GitHub, I created a repo ( ) and published with GitHub pages ( ), but when the browser tries to load images, it gets a 404 error.

I checked image path case, and there are no / in the code before the image path, as suggested in similar topics.

I waited for half an hour, cleared the browser cache, but the problem is still there.

Also, I get 404 error when I try to load the single image with full path

Thank you for your help!

Edit: now two of three images loads… Maybe it took a veeery long time to update the server??

Re Edit: I solved it. I had a “foofile” with no extension in “assets” directory. I removed it and it worked.

Hello I have an Project at GitHub - BjarnePW/ . So now my CSS load but i have the same error. How do I find this