Github pages does not see CNAME or setup SSL?

I’m deploying an Angular application with this command:


ng deploy --base-href=

It works and this is the repository it’s deployed to:

I have also setup A records so that the CNAME should work. In other words this url should work:

However after deploying the SSL checkbox does not enable inside Github Pages and the dialog section for Github Pages looks like this. Github pages did not picup the CNAME record and place the value in the custom domain field:

I’ve tried deleting and recreating the respository, but I’m not having any luck. Thoughts?

Also asked this question on Stackoverflow:

Hi @fireflysemantics,

Thank you for being here, I see our support team has shared a response to you and I’m posting it here as well, since it might help another user.

In order to be built and published for the very first time, a GitHub Pages repository must have a commit pushed to it by a user with admin permissions for the repository, such as the repository owner.

In this case, it looks like the only commits pushed to the repository were from users with write permissions, not admin permissions.

Once a commit has been pushed to the repository by a user with admin permissions, you should find the site live and available shortly thereafter. Subsequent commits pushed by accounts with write access will then also trigger a build.