Github pages does not display repositories other than the original please help … hello help me the link i posted is working fine you can see its public . bt my website doesn’t work at . please guide me

I am also facing similar issues. My index.html in docs folder. It also shows deployed in deployment / Activity logs.

please, someone, help me. I have published my site but it is showing only repository name on my page

Oh man! Love u, u saved me.

please I have the same problem GitHub - AMAL-MAKRANE/Amal-Portfolio

You have a CNAME file, that is making the github pages site publish somewhere else. Check that some other repository isn’t also using the same CNAME. ALSO, you cannot have a CNAME to a root domain, it has to be to a subdomain such as

On an unrelated note you’re not supposed to push node modules to the repo.

Greetings, Kindly help. The web content is not displaying but the name I used to save the website. here is the link startup-mvp