GitHub Pages displaying white page
I’m unsure of what’s going on, my page displays as a white page. If I dig into the dev-tools and look at the application/use curl, I can find the code. So it …should… be displaying the actual page, but I’m obviously missing something.

I am manually pushing .nojekyll up after I use the npm package gh-pages to push to the gh-pages branch.

Hi @Kevin-Carlos, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

It looks like the asset URLs for your files are generated with the following imports:

<script src="/js/index.7fbd8ce271887e13b8df.js"></script>

The initial / character at the beginning causes the browser to look at the following URL:

However, these files are actually available at the following URL:

The solution for this can be different depending on how your app is built but here’s a few options:

Some tooling provides solutions for this using the homepage variable from your package.json file. I’d recommend looking in the documentation for your chosen tool to see whether it supports this during site build.

Use an HTML base tag to include the missing seciton.

You can remove the initial / character. This should work fine if your site is a single page application, but can cause problems if you’re just hosting a regular static site.

You can include the /Website/ section in your URL manually. This should solve your problem on GitHub but is a fairly messy workaround and can cause issues with local development.

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