Github Pages Custom Domain

Hi, I have setup GitHub Pages with a custom domain but it doesn’t seem to be getting pasted this and if it doesn’t I can’t enforce HTTP and it says the website is not secure.

I can see the linked website allright.

it also says (on the left panel ) to allow 24 hours to allow for the certificate to be issued, after which you should be able to activate the Enforce HTTPS checkbox (after that, the website should be secure).

All domains and DNS related operations require time to become effective, and for the changes to propagate. So it’s not unusual having to wait 12h or 24h for changes to become effective, and/or for further options depending on such changes to become available.

Hi, Yes the website loads fine but it says its unsecure and I have waited longer then 24 hours and it doesn’t allow me to do that still shows that part on step 1

No idea how to solve this. Clearly something is not working out with the certificate. I could be due to wrong settings along the line, or issues with certificate authority.

You ought to check with your domain provider. Since you’re trying to host your GHPages website on a custom domain, I’m assuming that the domain you purchased supports HTTPS.

I contacted google and they said its nothing to do with there part as Github will provide the SSL but it doesn’t seem to be providing it so can someone at github look into if there is a glitch

According to the Meet Your GitHub Community Team! post, @ernest-phillips could be the right staff member to look into this.

How do I contact @ernest-phillips ?

Problem is now resolved it was an issue on Githubs end and they have resolved it and now my website has HTTPS :slight_smile:

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Just mentioning a user via the @username notation is enough, he/she’ll be notified that someone mentioned him/her somewhere, providing a link.

Glad to read that!