GitHub Pages CSS path error?

I have tried to publish a website to Pages, but I get a 404 error for the CSS. I have searched here and Stack Overflow and everything looks ok to me, but … rookie!
I know I am missing something very simple here, but I can’t figure it out!
Here are the 2 I have tried:


Any help would be greatly appreciated! It is frustrating and embarrassing to be stuck on something so minor! :roll_eyes:

Hi Donna, the issue was that file paths are case sensitive, i.e. /css/ and /CSS/ are different locations on the web server. I’ve changed the folder name and made a pull request, once you have merged this, the issue should be fixed :+1:

Hi Bailey! Yes, I received your pull request and merged it. Thanks so much for helping a newbie out! It’s those little things that cost me the most time.

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