GitHub Pages course: Viewing first blog post

Hi. Greetings from Canada.

There is one small piece of information that I feel would benefit GitHub Learning Lab’s GitHub Pages course: How to *view* the blog post that students create in Steps 6 through  8.

I will certainly learn more on my own later about how to use Jekyll-on-GitHub to keep a blog - eg. and, more generally, .

But in the meantime: I have just created a blog post in Steps 6 through 8, and I have no idea how to display it in a web browser…

It took me a fair amount of independent research to determine that the URL I need in order to view the page I just created and committed is:

where the all-caps values are the ones that I specified in Step 6.

Please just add that bit of information to the course at the end.



Thank you for pointing this out, and providing a solution! I’ll submit an improvement to these instructions.