Github-Pages cannot be installed

Hello! I’m receiving the following error in my terminal when I attempt to install or update the github-pages gem:

PS C:\Users\maddi\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\AM-ABROAD\myblog> bundle install
Fetching gem metadata from
Resolving dependencies…
Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem “terminal-table”:
In snapshot (Gemfile.lock):
terminal-table (= 2.0.0)

In Gemfile:
github-pages (~> 219) was resolved to 219, which depends on
terminal-table (~> 1.4)

minima (~> 2.5) was resolved to 2.5.1, which depends on
  jekyll (>= 3.5, < 5.0) was resolved to 4.2.0, which depends on

Running bundle update will rebuild your snapshot from scratch, using only
the gems in your Gemfile, which may resolve the conflict.
PS C:\Users\maddi\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\AM-ABROAD\myblog> bundle exec jekyll serve
Could not find gem ‘github-pages (~> 219)’ in rubygems repository or installed locally.
The source does not contain any versions of ‘github-pages’
Run bundle install to install missing gems.
PS C:\Users\maddi\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\AM-ABROAD\myblog>

Here is my project’s gemfile:

I am building this website using Jekyll so my guess is there must be some dependency issues. I am attempting to host my jekyll site through github pages and I have the repository setup, now all that’s left to do is integrate github pages via the gemfile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :relaxed:

Hello to anyone who’s seeing this! I finally resolved this issue through experimentation. I used bundler to install github-pages manually, specifying source/version and all. I then had to run bundle update. Finally I deleted Jekyll 4.2.0 from gemfile.lock, since despite commenting it out in the gemfile it was still updating to 4.2.0!

Hey I have exactly the same issue. I’m completely new to Jekyll/Ruby though so not quite sure how to do a manual install of these, do you think you could help out?