GitHub pages build failed

Hi! I could successfully deploy a site using Jekyll theme Just the docs on i.e.

But now I am working to host site on another repo, so as per documentation, the link is served at “

In the new repo (GitHub - MrCharteredCurator/Intermediate: Knowledgebase for CA Intermediate students) I am using a remote Jekyll theme ( remote_theme: pmarsceill/just-the-docs )

But the build is failing with the error artifact not uploaded…

Please could you help me solve it.

The artifact can’t be found in the “deploy” job because the “build” job (which should create it) failed. Check there, the error looks like there’s an invalid link:

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Oh, I didn’t know that there is a build log too. I will check and let you know in a day. Thanks :+1:

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So, I found jekyll does not tolerate broken links. Cleaned them. But now I see the CSS is not rendered. Home | Mr Chartered Curator

too many files failed to load,

you can check that out at Developer tools,

I think there is a problem with the generator, not building the css files. the sources now show a empty css file. This problem is new for me.
I tried pushing sass and css folders, but still it is not generating.