GitHub Pages breaks upon adding assets/css/style.scss

When I have a customization to the cayman theme using assets/css/style.scss, the site doesn’t publish any more. It fails with the following message:

Your SCSS file assets/css/style.scss has an error on line 1: File to import not found or unreadable: . Load paths: _sass /tmp/jekyll-remote-theme-20210724-6-1i1pm44/_sass.

Removing assets/css/style.scss solves the problem, but when I add it again, it’s broken again. When it’s added, it breaks on the import, whether you import just "" or "{{ site.theme }}" .

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Note, the problem doesn’t seem to be related to the Cayman theme, but to customizations in general across all or at least many themes.

I’ve started having exactly the same issue. A less-than-ideal-but-seems-to-work fix is to run Jekyll locally and then copy the generated _site/assets/css/style.css file into a file that can be referenced by assets/css/style.scss. So your style.scss file looks something like this:


@import "2021-07-25-pages-fix-cayman-sass/generated-style.css";
... your customisation here