Github pages blank site

I have used github pages for the first time to deploy my portfolio site built in react, i have followed along with the instructions to deploy but my site is just showing a blank page & i cant workout whats wrong.

The application appears to be loading but its not loading the content, although when i run it locally it works fine. any advice would be great.

Hi @atbprice, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Can you post a link to your Pages site? That way it’d be easier to see what’s going wrong.

I’m having a similar problem… when I leave the default theme (Minima) my page shows correctly. If I change to anything else (even using the theme selector in Settings). My index page shows nothing and any other page shows no styling whatsoever… I followed installation instructions and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

I have the same problem as well.

I read somewhere that adding a theme could help but that didn’t work as well

This is the link to my site.

@ESMP can you post a link to the repository you’re using to host your site?

@lanrewright It looks like your repository’s file is available when visiting that link. Your HTML page is online here:

This is happening because Pages looks for a file called index.html,, or in that order when trying to serve your site. As you’ve called your page flexindex.html you’ll need to directly visit that filename to see your page. If you rename this file index.html it should show up by default.