GitHub Pages as an alternative to Confluence for Internal content

Looking at the potential to transition some of what we have in Confluence (our orgs internal documents) over to a Github Pages site.
Confluence is pretty limited in terms of creating rich content, so I’m thinking about having the team put some effort into switching over to a Markdown-based system like Pages.
Does anyone have any input on the pros and cons of GitHub Pages vs. Confluence.

Any feedback would be much appreciated

I’ve never used Confluence, but upon reading, it is a team workspace, with so many services

but GitHub Pages is a way, originally intended, to deploy a project documentation as a website, that’s why it’s linked with the Markdown, but nowadays, because of its convenience, is being used not only for that purpose, but for any other web page unless it’s against the TOC of GitHub,

GitHub can only directly run browser-side scripts, mostly JavaScript, so if your site has a PHP script, for example, you’ll find it problematic,

if that is a private site also, you need to have not the free version, as the free version of GitHub cannot deploy a GitHub Page,

considering your team also, if ever not all are inclined to change, you’ll find it hard to transition too,

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Thanks for taking your time to contribute to this post…

I was looking to create something similar to this

What do you think/ How can you create it with GitHub pages? is it difficult?
Will it be easy to integrate MS documents and versioning?

Hey @Hshah1989 and welcome to the forum! Cool that you’re considering using GitHub pages for this. I definitely think they can make for a solid documentation site (never used Confluence, but I believe that is the main purpose).

A few pros in my opinion would be:

  • More control over the layout
  • In my opinion as a developer, it’s quite a clean and neat way to document things
  • Automatic and accessible versioning
  • It’s free!
  • Content is available in a structured manner, which allows easy integration with other tools or even (in the future) a migration away from GitHub pages

There are som cons, too:

  • It’s probably a bit harder to initially set up; and possibly some time goes into maintaining the code as well (although thats probably limited)
  • Editing goes via Git (or the GitHub online user interface if you’re looking for a more accessible alternative): I personally consider this a pro but to many non-tech people this is a con
  • Sites are public

To answer some of your questions:

What do you think/ How can you create it with GitHub pages? is it difficult?

It isn’t too difficult. There are plenty of good tutorials online. It does make it a lot smoother if you either have some experience with HTML/CSS or are willing to learn it (which is a good idea in itself!).

Will it be easy to integrate MS documents and versioning?

Not exactly sure what you mean by “MS documents”, but as far as versioning goes: everything is available in a Git repository! Hence versioning is automatic, complete and accessible.

If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to post them!