Github pages and https


I use Github Pages to host a small static site created with Publii. This site is visible at For a static site that does not ask for any login, without contact page and allowing no comment I did not find useful to worry about HTTPS.

The problem is that if the address is forced in https the page is displayed but without any style. This is for example the case with Firefox in private window (even if the option “Do not activate https mode only” is checked).

Do you have a solution or suggestion?

thanks in advance

Hello and welcome here!

I don’t see any issues with styles on your site when using the HTTPS URL (which, even if you don’t host any sensitive content or have authentication in place is very much recommended nowadays).

One of your script is not loading though which may be tripping your browser:

You can fix that by replacing all the script blocks in your site from:

<script defer src=""></script>


<script defer src="//assets/js/scripts.min.js?v=8b3e67b51e8c7a7d51b33f4a94ae4287"></script>

This will let the script loads both when accessing the site over HTTP or HTTPS.

Hope that helps,

Many thanks. I can do that manualy within github repository unfortunatly Puplii will crush this at the next update.
Finaly you’re right, the best solution is to use https